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For Dog Lovers Only: Top Home Insurance Tips

Having a canine companion is for many people a wonderful experience but for some insurance companies, it is a reason why they might want to take an extra bite out of your finances or even refuse cover altogether.

If you own a dog, you might get charged a higher rate or if you own a specific breed they will not offer cover at all, so here is a look at why they sometimes balk at providing cover and what you can do about it.

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Bite is bigger than the bark

The Insurance Information Institute compiled information for the New York area in 2008 for example, that showed dog bites account for about one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claims and totalled $387 million, an increase of nearly 9 percent on the previous 12 months. When you see these facts and figures, you begin to understand why insurers might be accused of profiling owners and trying to restrict insurance terms, but is that fair to discriminate when you consider the number of dog owners there are in the United States?

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Dog ownership figures

Figures released by the Humane Society of the United States show that one in three households in the U.S owns a dog, which is about 39 percent or about 77.5 million in actual numbers. Out of this 77.5 million, there were an estimated 4.7 million bites attributed to canines and about 800,000 people who needed emergency room treatment. The insurance companies categorize certain breeds as being more dangerous than others, suggesting breeds such as the Pit Bull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd or Doberman Pinscher might be more culpable than others, but there are no official figures to determine which breed might bite more than any other.

The insurers view

To understand how you can get a fair deal and a good price for your home insurance as a dog lover and owner, you need to understand how the insurers put together their risk profile. Homeowners insurance companies seem to view dog owners as about as risky as teenage drivers and having a swimming pool in your backyard, working on the basis that if you dont have a dog it cant bite, being older than a teenager means you will drive safer and not having a swimming pool means you wont have the chance to drown.

Different standards

The point to make about this approach is that within each category there will be differing standards that need to be taken into account. The vast majority of dog owners take their ownership responsibilities very seriously and not every teenage driver is out to cause trouble, so the insurers should look at each case on its merits and reward good behavior over a period of time with lower premiums if there are no claims made.

Shop around

If you are a dog owner, you need to shop around for the best home insurance discounts that recognizes your responsible attitude and are prepared to reward you with a lower premium than some other insurers might offer if they just relied on standard criteria. If you take you dog to obedience school or join an owners group, tell your insurer about it as it could save you money.

Owning a dog is great fun and a way of life, so show your insurance company you care and you should be able to get a good deal on your home insurance.

Tips That Anyone Who Has A Dog Should Know

You should not kiss your dog. Dog kisses are cute, in theory, but understand a dog’s mouth is typically very dirty. Have you ever wanted to get a dog? Do you already have a dog? If you answer yes, this is the article for you. There are techniques here that’ll help with your dog ownership for many years.

Be sure to have your pet spayed or neutered. Your pet stands to enjoy a significantly better (and longer) life.
It costs a lot of money to own a dog. Not only do you have to buy food, but you have to pay their vet bills and purchase other items that they need. You could spend as much as a thousand dollars in one year on your pet! A sick dog could cost you tens of thousands! Look into doggie health insurance!

It’s a great idea to keep a snap-shot of your dog handy (a digital pic on your phone is ideal) whenever you’re traveling with him. By doing this, in case your dog gets lost, you can provide others with a picture and easily put up flyers, which will assist in finding your dog.
Make sure your house is free of doggy danger. You need to look for hazards around your home that your dog might run into. Hide medications and chemicals, cover your trash, and put food where he can’t get to it. Certain plants are toxic, and it’s best to move them, too.

Don’t give in to the urge to feed your dog food meant for humans. You will spoil him and his appetite and set up begging behavior.
It is fine to hug your dog, but avoid those wet kisses. Dog kissing may be adorable, but dogs have awfully dirty mouths. You don’t know where your dog’s tongue has been, and you’re better off not knowing. It is an old wives’ tale that dogs have cleaner months than humans. It simply is not true.

Take a photo of your dog when you plan to take him on vacation. This allows you to have a photo of him if he gets lost.

TIP! Your dog deserves to have quality dog food. The brands that are cheaper have preservatives, additives, as well as other things that aren’t good for your dog. You shouldn’t allow your pet off your property if it’s not wearing a leash, even if he is extremely well-behaved. Dogs are easily distracted by other animals, cars, and kids, so always make sure to keep your dog on a leash for his own safety. Ultimately, you’re the one who’s responsible for your dog’s safety, as well as its actions.

TIP! Correct your dog’s bad behavior immediately. If you ignore it, it will be hard to contain it later.
Did you understand the above tips? If you did not, consider rereading a few of the tips. They will provide you with a great amount of stress relief when a problem does come up, since you will have some great solutions in hand. Utilize this advice, and you and your dog will have a wonderful relationship.

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Looking for a New Pet? Consider a Rabbit

If youre looking for an animal companion, your first thought probably isnt to adopt a rabbit. When most people are in the market for a furry friend, the first thought is usually a dog or cat. For the right people, however, rabbits are perfect pets. Read on to learn more.

Rabbits are Great Indoor Pets

If youre like most people, the first image that comes to mind when thinking of pet rabbits is a hutch outdoors. Years ago, people thought of rabbits as wild, unintelligent animals that were poorly suited for life inside.

Today, however, we know so much more about rabbits and their behavior, and contrary to popular belief, bunnies actually live happier, healthier and longer lives indoors with human companions. They are easily litter trained and adapt well to human schedules.

Rabbits are Naturally Social

When I tell people I have a rabbit living in my apartment, they usually say something along the lines of “A rabbit? Why? I thought they didnt do much.” My bunny, however, is a loving, playful and curious animal that provides me with hours of entertainment.

When I come home after work, he greets with a “nose nub” on my ankle and circles me a few times. Hell sometimes binky an endearing term for a happy dance Google it! which makes me feel extra special. While Im on my computer or doing a similar activity hell often lay near me to keep me company. Sometimes well even play games our favorite is a rabbit version of catch where he and I toss a paper towel roll back and forth.

Rabbits are Suitable for Adults

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not the best pets for young children. As rabbits are prey animals, they can become easily startled and many are actually afraid of childrens sudden movements and noises. Children are naturally loving, but cultivating a lasting relationship with a rabbit takes a little patience which is something younger children dont have in spades.

This isnt to say that children and rabbits are incompatible; rather, just keep in mind that you as the adult should be the primary caretaker and companion for your rabbit.

Rabbits are More Like Dogs Than Youd Think

Many of my friends are surprised to learn that rabbits also have a similar lifespan to dogs and are almost just as much work. Rabbits require daily attention from their human in addition to regular exercise time, grooming and veterinary care. To stay healthy, they require a varied diet including hay, veggies, pellets and more.

Your rabbit should also have a space to call his own, like a pen or dog crate, where you should keep his litter box, toys, food and water, and bedding. Even if you plan on giving your rabbit full reign over your home, hell need his own space rabbits in the wild have their own burrows, dont they?

Before bringing your rabbit home, you may also have to do a little rabbit proofing by tying up electrical cords and putting harmful chemicals like lurex out of bunnys reach. However, the benefits of rabbit ownership will far outweigh the work you have to do in the beginning. With a little work, youll have a fluffy and loving companion for many years to come.

A Practical Modern Guide To Feline Care

Cats love to squeeze into tiny spaces. If they have to wear a collar then there may be a risk because your cat could end up getting stuck.
Like people, cats require balanced diets with good nutrition. Cats suffer when their owners do not follow proper dietary recommendations or give the cat proper attention. This article will give you advice on how to properly feed and care for your cat.

TIP! When your female cat is old enough, you should have her spayed. This is true even if you think your cat is indoors only.
Shop at your local pet shelter for your next cat. Shelters are filled with beautiful cats, and the fee for adoption will basically cover the needed vet care. You really are saving a life and keeping the feline population in check all in one!

TIP! It’s important that you don’t forget your cat and allow them to become bored too easily. Play is important to the health and vitality of your cat.
To safely help an old cat feel comfortable, place a heated tile under its bed. You can do this simply with a terra cotta tile measuring a square foot. Heated in your oven around 200 degrees, it can be ready in as little as 15 minutes. Put the tile inside a towel and place it under the cat’s bedding. If necessary, repeat this every few hours.

TIP! Cats are usually more active during the night. Your cat will probably be very active during the night.
If you have an outdoor cat, make sure he is fitted with a tag and collar. Cats can roam far, so a tag will ensure you find them quickly when they’re lost. Have your phone number engraved on the tag.

TIP! When it comes to litter boxes, placement is everything. Don’t put it in a busy area, and keep it away from your cat’s food.
You shouldn’t leave a young cat with children unattended. Under five, the child needs to be watched. A child of that age doesn’t realize when they are being too rough with a pet. When children get a little older, they develop the skills needed to be around small animals.

TIP! Make sure that you never neglect your cat. They are very loving animals and deserve affection back.
Cats like to be high up to see the surrounding area. A happy cat is one that has a safe living environment. Placing a shelf or two up high will not take up too much space in your home. Install a small bed for your cat or a comfortable blanket.

TIP! Check prices online for your cat’s medication to see if they are cheaper than at your vet’s office. There are some times when this isn’t a good idea, like when you’re dealing with a pet related emergency.
Get your cat a drinking fountain. Wild cats like to drink flowing water, and domestic cats are the same. Cat usually respond well to streams. Cats will often drink from a running sink and actually prefer it over the water in their bowl. A fountain will give them the same effect, and it is more environmentally friendly.

TIP! Use care if you have kids and a cat. Children under five years old should always be supervised when interacting with a pet.
Moist, canned food can be a very good option for your cat. Although dry food is usually less expensive, canned food is better for your cat. Your cat can get more water, fat and protein from canned food. If your cat is getting older, canned food is easier to chew as well. You should listen to what your vet recommends, though.

TIP! Cats love to be high up. To keep your cat healthy, provide your cat with a high place to sit.
It is important that your cat always where a collar that identifies them. This is important even if your pet lives indoors. A naturally curious cat will readily wander out an open door or window. The tag your cat wears should display your number and your veterinarian’s information. Include medical issues if appropriate.

TIP! Speak to your peers about your cat issues. Although you might want to attempt to handle the problem yourself, other cat owners can provide you with excellent advice that may help you to resolve it.
What your cat eats will determine how healthy he is. You could significantly shorten the life space of your cat if you feed it unhealthy foods. Buy the right kind of cat food for your cat’s age so they live well.

Some Solid Advice For A Healthy, Happy Cat.

Make sure your cat is regularly visiting the vet for checkups. Your cat should have regular well visits, as well as all the recommended vaccinations for his age. It is easy to spend time playing with your cat, if they will let you! It isn’t a bad idea to make an activity or game for you and your cat. You don’t always have to spend money to have fun with your cat. Keep these tips in mind as you care for your cat in the best way possible.

TIP! If you want a cat to feel like it’s more comfortable, a heated tile may be able to help. Use a 12″ terra cotta tile and heat it by putting it in a 200ºF oven for 20 minutes.
Remove the drape cords from visibility when a cat is in the house. Do not allow your cat to play with these. The cords may be looped and a cat may get them wound around their neck. This could hurt or kill them. All drape cords should be fastened and kept away from any harm that might come to the cats.

TIP! Spay your cat as soon as she is old enough. Even if she is an inside cat, you need to spay her because she could get out.
Properly groom your cat. You have to make sure your cat gets brushed or combed often. This leads to a cleaner cat. It helps your cats shed much less too, which keeps them from spitting those hairballs up. Keeping a cat well groomed basically helps keep them looking their best, along with your home.

TIP! Prevent your cat from getting zapped by coating exposed wires with bitter apple. You can also cover your cords under a rug or tape them to walls.
Put a heated tile beneath the bed of an older cat. Put a square foot of terra cotta tile into your oven heated to 200 degrees. Keep the tile in the oven for about 15 minutes. Wrap it up in a towel and place it under where your cat sleeps. If you want, you can change it for a newly warmed tile a few hours later.

TIP! Cats can really scratch up your home. Buy your cat a scratching posts to focus its attention off your furniture.
Make sure your cat is not too bored. They need exercise and they get it through play. Sadly, many cat owners do not understand the importance of this. Cats that are frequently bored may develop OCD, depression or other harmful conditions. Give them time and space where they can exercise and toys they can play with. An indoor cat needs a good scratching post.

Litter Box

TIP! Make sure that you do not instruct your cat on using the litter box. They will do it on their own and don’t need to be taught.
Pick the right location for your cat’s litter box. A cat’s litter box should be in a quiet spot in the house, away from where your cat eats. Also make sure the area is well ventilated to keep the smell to a minimum. Your cat will appreciate it and so will you.

TIP! Buy your cat a fountain it can drink from. Most cats will prefer drinking water that is running over drinking water in a bowl.
You may get much better prices on medications online. When an emergency strikes, however, you may not have the option of buying medications on the Internet. You can save as much as fifty percent on the stuff you regularly use.

TIP! Your cat needs good play time. Really play is something that all mammals share, no matter the age.
Just because your family did it when you were a child, does not mean allowing your cat to go outside is a wise decision. This can compromise your cat’s safety. Your cat can pick up fleas, or worse. Additionally, your cat is likely to be injured by cars or other animals. If your cat must be an outdoor cat, limit it to your own backyard.

TIP! Help your cat live a longer life by keeping them healthy and keeping them current with check-ups and vaccinations. Your cat needs to get some shots regularly to prevent different illnesses and parasites.
While reading this article, did you notice any areas for improvement in your own home? If so, it’s time to take action. A cat will bring so much joy to you. Just as with people, fun and activity help extend a cat’s life.

Need To Control The Pests In Your Home? Read On.

When it comes to eliminating pests, make sure you start this process at the beginning. When you have problems with pests, be sure you are not providing them with food.

Have you noticed pests in your house? If you have, take deep breathes. If you catch the pests before they grow too large in number, you have a better chance of controlling the problem. Don’t be afraid to try to take on your pests yourself. Read the following tips on pest control as they may be very helpful.

TIP! Always have new homes inspected by a trained professional. Certain pests are easy to spot.
Vacuuming the rugs is a good pest control tip. This will help get rid of the pests in your home. Put the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and set it in the sun for a day. Then throw it away.

Fruit Flies

TIP! If you are having problems with flying insects in your home, then you need to fix your home’s screens. Not only do the windows and screens keep out pests that fly, they can also keep the ones that crawl away as well.
Do you see fruit flies returning after ridding your home of them? The issue may be your drain. To test this you just need to cover your drains with something that is transparent and watch for fruit flies. If fruit flies still appear, scrub around your drain after pouring boiling water. This will reduce the frequency of fruit flies in your home.

TIP! Bedbugs are hard to eliminate since they like hiding. Close holes before you try to exterminate them.
People that are experiencing trouble with pests that fly need to fix up every screen where they live. Such screens are great for preventing the entry of flying insects, but they also keep crawlers out too. If you find holes in the screens, make repairs to keep the bugs out.

TIP! Place brushes a foot or more away from the home to keep pests from invading. A pile of brush is an inviting home for household pests.
Ensure that recyclables are carefully rinsed. One specific item that is very important to thoroughly rinse and clean is soda cans with a high amount of sugar. Be certain to rinse the soda away entirely, guaranteeing that it is clean once stored in the garage or outside the home.

TIP! Seal off cracks and crevices throughout your home. These are one of the most common entry points for bugs into a home.
If you are a pet owner it is not recommended that you use poisons that kill mice and rats. Even if you do not think they will get into the poison they might eat a rat that has poison in it. If you have kids, it is likewise inappropriate to use these poisons in your home. Kids might think that the rat poison is candy.

TIP! Put some mint around the house to keep mice away. Mint should be planted around your home’s perimeter.
Pest infestations create serious health risks and must be dealt with immediately. You alone have the ability to get rid of them for good. With these tips as your weapon, you can get rid of those creepy creatures once and for all.

Squirrels Are Not Pet Animals

What to Feed A Baby Squirrel

Squirrels start being weaned at about six weeks old, at which time you can start to introduce solid foods. If he is younger, he should get his nutrients completely from the formula Esbilac. While Kitten Milk Replacement Formula (KMR) is used for mice and other baby animals, some squirrel rehabilitaors prefer using the Esbilac. Also, do NOT give him cream as someone suggested, as that is cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is very bad for the baby squirrel’s digestive system. Use one part Esbilac diluted by two parts water.

Check first to see if your little one is dehydrated. Gently pinch the skin above his shoulders. It should immediately spring back. If it does not, you can use unflavored Pedialyte to get him rehydrated. Administer it the same way as the formula: a 1cc (best) to 3cc size non-needle syringe. Be very careful when you feed him these, as he can aspirate if he drinks too quickly and the liquid gets into his nose and lungs. If you see the formula or Pedialyte coming out of his nose in bubbles, then it went where it should not have gone. To prevent pneumonia from settling in, tip the baby forward so his head is pointing down. The liquid will drain out of his nose by itself.

For Squirrels that are a bit older:

Rodent Block:
Daily Recommendation: 2 – 4 small blocks
Recommended brands:

Harlan Teklad Rodent Diets
KayTee Forti-Diet for Rats and Mice

Vegetables that are High in Calcium
Daily Recommendation: 5-7 small pieces

beet greens
chinese cabbage
chrysanthemum flowers
collard greens
dandelion greens
romaine lettuce
turnip greens

Healthy Vegetables
Daily Recommendation: 2-3 small pieces

bell peppers
brussels sprouts
green beans
sweet potato
Wild and Natural Foods:
Daily Recommendation: unlimited while in season.

magnolia cones
pine cones
pine branches
pine bark
branch tips
dandelion greens
whatever the wild squirrels outside in your neighborhood are eating is what’s natural to their diet. Be careful while gathering them and rule out that the area hasn’t been treated with pesticides.
Animal Protein:

live or dried mealworms
live moths
hard-boiled eggs
plain yogurt

Daily Recommendation: 2 slices

passion fruit
Nuts and Seeds:
Daily Recommendation: 2 nuts, still in shell.

macadamia nuts
roasted unsalted pumpkin seeds
sesame seeds (high in calcium)
Something to Chew On:

tree branches
sea shells



  • all dried vegetables or fruits
  • avocados (high in fat, toxic skin and pits)
  • pototato sprouts
  • garlic
  • onions
  • palm hearts
  • fresh or dried corn
  • yams
  • figs
  • fruit juice
  • plums
  • prunes
  • raisins
  • cashew nuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • pine nuts (will cause severe calcium loss)
  • commercial squirrel food at stores, pet treats, seed mixes
  • pasta
  • bread
  • sugary foods such as candy, cookies, sodas, sweetened yogurt, candy nuts, sweetened breakfast cereals, chocolate etc
  • junk foods, chips, crackers, anything salted
  • artificial sweeteners or any food items that contain them.

The squirrel diet varies with the seasons and the availability of plant material (such as nuts, fruits, flowers, and plant buds) that almost entirely makes up the animal’s larder. Squirrels also occasionally eat bird eggs or nestlings, and may even pounce on small birds at feeders-much to the dismay of human witnesses who assume that squirrels are passive vegetarians.

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