If youre looking for an animal companion, your first thought probably isnt to adopt a rabbit. When most people are in the market for a furry friend, the first thought is usually a dog or cat. For the right people, however, rabbits are perfect pets. Read on to learn more.

Rabbits are Great Indoor Pets

If youre like most people, the first image that comes to mind when thinking of pet rabbits is a hutch outdoors. Years ago, people thought of rabbits as wild, unintelligent animals that were poorly suited for life inside.

Today, however, we know so much more about rabbits and their behavior, and contrary to popular belief, bunnies actually live happier, healthier and longer lives indoors with human companions. They are easily litter trained and adapt well to human schedules.

Rabbits are Naturally Social

When I tell people I have a rabbit living in my apartment, they usually say something along the lines of “A rabbit? Why? I thought they didnt do much.” My bunny , however, is a loving, playful and curious animal that provides me with hours of entertainment.

When I come home after work, he greets with a “nose nub” on my ankle and circles me a few times. Hell sometimes binky an endearing term for a happy dance Google it! which makes me feel extra special. While Im on my computer or doing a similar activity hell often lay near me to keep me company. Sometimes well even play games our favorite is a rabbit version of catch where he and I toss a paper towel roll back and forth.

Rabbits are Suitable for Adults

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not the best pets for young children. As rabbits are prey animals, they can become easily startled and many are actually afraid of childrens sudden movements and noises. Children are naturally loving, but cultivating a lasting relationship with a rabbit takes a little patience which is something younger children dont have in spades.

This isnt to say that children and rabbits are incompatible; rather, just keep in mind that you as the adult should be the primary caretaker and companion for your rabbit.

Rabbits are More Like Dogs Than Youd Think


Many of my friends are surprised to learn that rabbits also have a similar lifespan to dogs and are almost just as much work. Rabbits require daily attention from their human in addition to regular exercise time, grooming and veterinary care. To stay healthy, they require a varied diet including hay, veggies, pellets and more.

Your rabbit should also have a space to call his own, like a pen or dog crate, where you should keep his litter box, toys, food and water, and bedding. Even if you plan on giving your rabbit full reign over your home, hell need his own space rabbits in the wild have their own burrows, dont they?

Before bringing your rabbit home, you may also have to do a little rabbit proofing by tying up electrical cords and putting harmful chemicals like lurex out of bunnys reach. However, the benefits of rabbit ownership will far outweigh the work you have to do in the beginning. With a little work, youll have a fluffy and loving companion for many years to come.